Green In 7, Inc.'s 7 Steps to Becoming a Sustainable Green Certified Business Timeline

The following should be used as an approximate timeline for your business to become a fully Sustainable Green Certified Business. We have created this timeline in an effort to assist you in managing your progress. All businesses are unique and may complete the process in a shorter amount of time or may need to extend it. It is entirely up to you.

STEP I - Notify all Employees, Customers and Vendors of Your Companies Intent to Become a
Sustainable Green Certified Business

2-4 Weeks

As a Greenin7.com Member you receive access to our Member’s Only Website. In this section you will have access to multiple communication tools created specifically for communicating to your Employee’s, Client’s and Vendor’s. We have created ready to send emails for every step of the SGCB process.

STEP II - Create Your Green Business Committee
2-4 Weeks

We highly suggest you create a SGCB Committee. In the Member’s Only Website you have access to ready to send emails notifying employee’s of your intent to create a committee and requesting their participation. We have also created an email allowing you to notify your employees once the committee has been established. Remember, communication is key to a successful program.

STEP III - Create Green Business Plan
1-2 Month(s)

In order for any idea to be successful it must be in writing. You will find a Sustainable Green Certified Business Plan Template. While the plan has been created to be used as is, we suggest you review the plan in its entirety with your SGCB Committee and make the necessary changes that fit your businesses unique characteristic's. When creating the SGCB Plan keep in mind that businesses are there to make money for their Shareholder’s. So create realistic goals based on the size of your company and the necessary expenditures to complete the goal. Once approved, just insert your company name and it is ready to be sent to your employees for review and agreement to the plan.

STEP IV - Make Initial Changes to Business Practices
1-3 Month(s)

It is now time to begin making the changes based on your SGCB Plan. Start out slow with minor changes in the beginning. This is not a race and you want to be sure a strong foundation is being created for future changes. In the Memberís Only Section you will find many tracking tools to be used for this process. Be sure to utilize them to their fullest extent. You need to measure in order to assure the changes being made are having a positive effect both on the environment and your companyís overall bottom line.

STEP V - Update Employees, Customers and Vendors of Progress in Maintaining Your Sustainable Green Certified Business
1-2 Week(s)

In the Member’s Only section you will find additional ready to be sent email template’s for your Employee’s, Client’s and Vendor’s. We suggest you periodically send out progress report’s to all the previously mentioned. This will let them know how serious you are about your environmental responsibility and represent you as a leader in your industry. It will also be a positive avenue to get in front of these people without asking for anything but rather showing your commitment to environmental responsibility and offering them assistance in creating their SGCB program.

STEP VI - Complete Green Business Assessment and Score an 80% or Higher
1-2 Hours

The Green Business Assessment has been created as a tool to measure the effectiveness of your businesses Green Program. We have developed this assessment based on many factors and areas that should be addressed in a legitimately marketable Green Program. Once you have completed and scored an 80% or higher on the assessment you will have access to your Green in 7, Inc. Certificate of Completion. Once you have access to the certificate it should be proudly displayed in your office and all marketing material. This will not only show you are serious about the environmental impact your company has but also will start other companies thinking about developing a green program for their businesses. The impact we can have on other companies is enormous regarding all of our environmental concerns.

STEP 7 - Maintain your Sustainable Green Certified Business Status by Staying Educated on the Green Industry, Comprehensive Record Keeping and by Applying New Technology and Systems Via Greenin7.com

Maintaining your SGCB status is not a one-time project. It needs to be managed for the life of the business. We have provided you the easy-to-use tools necessary to keep your SGCB program running continuously. We will be updating the site and communicating with our members on a continual basis. Green in 7, Inc. will provide you new tools to meet your company’s needs as the SGCB requirements become more stringent.

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