1. Why was Green in 7, Inc. created and why should I use this service to become a Sustainable Green
         Certified Business ?

Green in 7, Inc. was created in an effort to provide a cost effective tool to assist businesses throughout the United States in becoming a Sustainable Green Certified Business. With that said, if Green in 7, Inc. can assist only 1% of all businesses in reducing one ton of carbon each year, we and with the help of our clients, will have eliminated 460,000,000 pounds of carbon annually. That’s approximately 230,000 tons of carbon no longer produced in the United States. Basically, this is our way of helping the environment.

Green in 7, Inc. has developed this web-based tool with the understanding that you need to spend your valuable time and resources running your business and making a profit. Green in 7, Inc. has a committed staff dedicated to remaining updated on all important issues regarding the green industry. Updates are displayed and emailed to all Green in 7, Inc. Members. There is no need to hire a consultant costing your company approximately $2,500 - $10,000 for the initial set up of your program. All that is needed is to follow the proven steps provided and you will be certified and have the required, documented history in the event you are audited or inspected. One single item alone, provided to all Members, is valued at approximately $2,500 or more by itself.

2. Will the Greenin7.com program work for my type of business?

The Greenin7.com program has been developed with the understanding that all businesses are unique. With that in mind, Greenin7.com assists you in developing a Green Business Program for your office, warehouse, or jobsite regardless of the type or size of your business.

3. Is it difficult to become a Sustainable Green Certified Business and once I am certified can I use the
          certification at all of my locations?

It is not difficult if you utilize the tools provided by Green in 7, Inc. We walk you through the process step-by-step. We have taken out the “unknown” based on our experiences.

Once certified through Green In 7, Inc. you can certify all of your facilities with the tools provided as long as they are under the same corporate name.

4. What does becoming a Sustainable Green Certified Business (SGCB) entail?

Becoming an SGCB is a process that evolves over the life of your business. Once you become certified by Green in 7, Inc. you will have access to all the tools necessary to certify your business. Green in 7, Inc.’s website will guide you step-by-step through the process and provide regularly updated tools to maintain your SGCB as requirements become more evolved.

5. What are the benefits of becoming a Sustainable Green Certified Business?

There are too many benefits to list but here are a few:
  • You will be a vital part of straightening out the future issues all of us will be experiencing if businesses do not become involved;
  • You will be perceived as a leader in your industry;
  • You will see cost savings as your program evolves, if not immediately;
  • Government agencies and businesses already certified as green, prefer to work with other sustainable green businesses;
  • Your employees will respect your decision to become a leader and will want to become involved; and
  • You will be ahead of the current regulatory environment, have a program set in place and will have created a documented history in the event regulatory requirements are put into place or you are audited by your clients.

6. Is the green industry currently regulated by any government agencies and will I be inspected by any
         regulatory agencies?

This website has been designed by environmental regulatory experts with over 20 years of real life experience in the environmental industry. Currently there are no regulatory requirements for the service we provide. Green in 7, Inc. believes that it very well could become a requirement based on the action currently being taken by cities, states and government agencies around the world regarding the Green Initiative. We have developed Green in 7, Inc. based on the thought that it will become a regulated industry. Currently there are voluntary programs provided by some cities throughout the United States. Based on this, Green in 7, Inc. believes more cities will be developing programs. In the event an inspection program is developed, by regulatory agencies, you will already have a program and a documented history in place based on these requirements. Green in 7, Inc. provides the tools necessary for you to comply with current standards and will be updating as new regulations become effective.

7. What if I don’t pass the Green Business Assessment the first time and will a representative from
         Green in 7, Inc. visit my business?

The Green Business Assessment is broken down into 7 sections. It has been developed to fit all types of businesses. While everyone will not pass the first time, we allow you to take the assessment as many times as needed.

Green in 7, Inc. wants you to pass. It benefits everyone. Green in 7, Inc. has been developed as a cost effective tool, typically only available from consultants to Fortune 500 companies, in order to allow you to become a Sustainable Green Certified Business on your own. It is not necessary, but In the event you would like a Green in 7, Inc. Environmental Specialist to provide a confirmatory visit to your site, we can provide a separate quote for this service once you are registered and have taken the Green Business Assessment.

8. Why is there an annual renewal fee?

A recertification assessment will need to be completed prior to renewal. This assessment will be based on the goals you have accomplished during your first year. As the Green Industry evolves so will Green in 7, Inc. We are constantly upgrading our website, adding useful information, tools and services to enable you to stay current and up to date in order to maintain your sustainable green status.

9. Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Process

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