Financial Benefits of Becoming a Sustainable Green Certified Business with Greenin7.com:

Save Money
  • Reduce Energy Consumption and Use it More Efficiently
  • Reduce Office Supply Costs
  • Reduce Utility Bills
  • Reduce Waste
  • Reduce Use of Raw Materials
  • Reduce Use of Packaging
  • Reduce Potential Future Environmental Liability by Providing Documented History of the Management Practices and Reduction of Your Company’s Environmental Impact
Generate New Business
  • Environmentally Conscious Companies Require their “Supply Chains” to Have a Green Program in Place
  • Stand Out From the Competition When Quoting on a Project
  • Governments with Green Programs Give Preference to Companies with Established Green Programs in Place
Generate New Revenue Streams
  • Divert Recyclable Materials From Trash to Recycler
  • Develop Plastic Recycling Program
  • Develop Metals Recycling Program
  • Develop Cardboard/Paper Recycling Programs
Be Recognized as a Leader In Your Industry By Peers, Customers, Employees, Shareholders and Investors
  • Realization of Actual Benefits for Future Generations
  • Written Plans and Tracking Documents in the Event of Regulatory and Customer Audits
  • Education of Employees, Customers and Vendors
  • Introduction of Green Practices to Other Businesses

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